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Welcome to the best driving school in Calgary – the Canadian Professional Driving School. Getting a driver's licence is a major milestone in someone's life and we believe that proper training is the key to safe and smart driving. With a valid driving licence, the possibilities are endless; no more waiting on other people or public transit to get around, allowing you to be independent and productive. We offer driving lessons in Calgaryfor various grades of licensing and have highly trained and qualified instructors. We are an equal opportunity employer; we strongly support and believe in our diversity and inclusion strategies. That is why, based on your preferences and needs, we have both male and female instructors who are able to communicate in different languages to further accommodate you. Our driving course is very comprehensive and includes modules around defensive driving as well as special driving tips for driving during extreme weather. As a good driving school in Calgary, we have the responsibility to teach you to drive in the type of conditions that are common and specific to Calgary weather.

The following services are offered to all our customers:

Pick up and drop off for each lesson from most location, free of charge. This makes it easy to schedule lessons and to accommodate your specific schedule (some conditions to some locations may apply).

Based on language and other preferences, a dedicated instructor is assigned to you as much as possible.

With detailed practical evaluations by our experienced instructors, we can determine when you are ready to take your road test.

When getting a car and a licence for the first time, all the costs can be overwhelming. That is why we offer options for certified insurance reduction courses. This allows you to receive coverage from different insurance companies at a discounted price thanks to the training that you've received in Calgary's best driving school. Whether it's your first time learning to drive, or you need to sharpen your skills, call us today for driving lessons.